Thursday, 23 June 2011

Why Xbox Live gives me the shits....(And the Xbox in general)

I hate Xbox Live..... and Microsoft in general....

Ok... so a couple of weeks ago I went to my mates place and fancied my self a game of Halo, so I signed in and all that and right in my face is a 'deal' that I could get a month of Live for 2 bucks or some shit and I got that because it was reasonable.... Ok now back in the present I'm looking at my credit statement and  I spot a charge of 10 dollars going into Billy Gates' pocket, naturally I raged and phoned up these dick heads  I told them I don't want to pay for any more of this shithouse gaming service and they said ok.... then they asked me for my Xbox's serial number to which I replied "I don't own an Xbox" then followed a series of retarded questions about why I don't own one of these godforsaken money eaters which by the way weren't relevant to my original question... so I hung up and I'm gunna try again and hopefully get to talk to someone who isn't of Indian descent. (By the way I've got nothing wrong with the Indian people, they're just the worst people to talk on the phone to.)

If anyone wants to reason (Argue) with me about why the Xbox is infinitely better than the PlayStation please do comment, I would love to have a friendly debate (Childish Fight) on the issue.